The Ballons des Vosges Regional Natural Park is a living territory. Very early on, Man found ways to exploit its water, wood, stone and subsoil, to develop industries and crafts. The Park’s historical background is also eventful due to the world conflicts.

The Park counts over 350 sites listed or classified as historic monuments, 2 territories labelled Country of Art and History, the Val d’Argent and the Pays de Guebwiller, a dozen remarkable villages, and lastly 2 gorgeous sites, Fougerolles and the Val d’Ajol. Around sixty museums, heritage sites (mills, hydraulic sawmills, mineshafts…), and interpretation centres, and around forty discovery and history trails led by local associations and players offer insight into the Park’s heritage wealth. Many diverse themes are presented, including industry and craft heritage, arts history, commemoration, and of course nature.