The Ballons des Vosges Park is dedicated to promoting short tours as well as local produce and craftsmanship.

Honey and fruit juice productions fully contribute to the biodiversity in our valleys, and to the hues and aromas in our landscapes. Bees and flowers are inseparable. Bees contribute to the reproduction of more than 80 % of flowering plant species; therefore beekeepers are key biodiversity players. Those who join the Park in commitment are careful to use only products that respect the environment and bee health, and prefer welcoming visitors within their workshops. The honeys come from diversified flora across the territory: meadow and mountain forest flowers. Fruit juices labelled by the Park solely originate from high-stem orchards, a traditional landscape feature in our valleys and vineyards. These are natural juices, with subtle aromas from diverse local varietals. By promoting fruit from their apple trees, pear trees and others, the producers contribute to maintaining an ecosystem rich with insects, birds and other small mammals.


  • Bernard Streicher
    1 Grand Rue – 68380 Breitenbach-Haut-Rhin
    +33 (0) 389 772 691
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  • Jean Baltenweck and Yannick Mignot
    Apple juice and other local fruit from traditional high-stem orchards
    6A rue du cimetière 68150 Ribeauvillé
    +33 (0) 389 733 445
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