The national certification label ‘Valeurs Parc naturel régional’ rewards farmers, craftsmen, and manufacturers who undertake to uphold the values of the ‘Valeurs Parc naturel régional’ certification label. It represents three strong values: human, environmental preservation, and attachment to the territory.

Livestock farming is still very much present in the area thanks to the consistently agile management of the local soil’s natural potential.

Complementary to the ‘AB’ certification label which promotes sustainable animal feed and organic farming, the ‘Valeurs Parc’ certification label is awarded to farms that enhance the value of natural meadows through eco-friendly practices, thus contributing to both animal welfare and to maintaining the region’s ecological and landscape balance. Venison meat is hunted wild in keeping with practices that are respectful of the local environment. Whether as fresh meat, pâtés, cold meats, or special dishes, game is on the menu of many restaurants.
Thus, the products that result from such practices are real assets for the promotion of the territory. They are available through direct sale, at markets or in producers’ shops.