The national certification label ‘Valeurs Parc naturel régional’ rewards farmers, craftsmen, and manufacturers who undertake to uphold the values of the ‘Valeurs Parc naturel régional’ certification label. It represents three strong values: human, environmental preservation, and attachment to the territory.

The Park territory, notably its mountain area, is suitable for the cultivation of small fruits and the gathering of medicinal and aromatic plants. Their transformation into jams, syrups, dried plants for herbal teas, and many more delicacies is the result of ancestral savoir-faire combined with the producers’ creative minds. Many of the producers and plant gatherers have been awarded the Organic Agriculture (AB) certification label. On the Vosges side, wild blueberry cousin ‘Bluet des Vosges’ is being cultivated and sold fresh. Producers either sell directly from their farms or in farmers’ shops and specialised outlets.