The Ballons des Vosges Park is dedicated to promoting short tours as well as local produce and craftsmanship.

Wood cladding bolsters a building’s framework. It was traditionally used to reinforce valley farms, small mountain barns, or certain industrial buildings, as forest resources abound on the Park Territory – indeed, two-thirds are covered with forests. Today, these wood planks can be installed on new constructions but can also revamp old ones. They suit all kinds of supports such as concrete, wood or brick walls. They can also convey a modern feel – according to taste and surroundings.

The planks come from wood harvested in the Vosges Mountain Forests. Species which are naturally durable such as larch, Douglas-fir, pine and chestnut trees are preferred. For the others, such as pine trees and spruces, the treatment must comply with health and environment regulations by the “Centre Technique du Bois” (Technical Wood Centre). Cutting down trees when sap levels are at their lowest is best for natural wood preservation. From selecting forest wood to cladding, manufacturing processes taking place on the Park Territory require the skill and attention of many trades: foresters, sawyers, carpenters and joiners. Some artisans are committed to a High Environmental Quality (HQE®).


  • Naviliat Sarl – sawmill, framework, roofing
    sawmill, framework, roofing
    28 rue Joffre – 68550 Saint-Amarin
    +33 (0) 389 821 134
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  • Entreprise Fuchs – framework, timber framing, roofing, stairs
    framework, timber framing, roofing, stairs
    9 rue Gassel – 68121 Urbès
    +33 (0) 389 391 995
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  • Arnold Fils Sarl – sawmill, framework, roofing, carpentry
    sawmill, framework, timber framing, roofing, carpentry
    22, rue des Croix – 68820 Kruth
    +33 (0) 389 822 471
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  • Écobois, Christian Zerr
    framework, timber framing
    3 Kalbach – 68140 Munster
    +33 (0) 971 263 176
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  • Schreck Frères
    framework, carpentry
    322A Chèvremont – 68370 Orbey
    +33 (0) 389 729 380
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