The Ballons des Vosges Park is dedicated to promoting short tours as well as local produce and craftsmanship.

The Alsatian vineyard spans across the Park Territory’s eastern foothills. Sheltered from the ocean, its geological diversity and warm and dry climate are ideal for vine culture. Other remarkable natural areas thrive nearby, such as calcareous grasslands and their wonderful flora, listed on the European Natura 2000 inventory. Many winemakers comply with organic farming regulations and safeguard original flora, sometimes Mediterranean, as well as surrounding vegetation and auxiliary fauna, useful to fight insects and pests. The seven Alsatian varietals, Sylvaner, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Riesling, Muscat, Pinot Noir and Gewurztraminer, are great with all dishes – the latter is perfect with Munster cheese. Nobler wines originate from sun-drenched slopes with complex soils that contribute to the fine and subtle aromas: these are the Grands Crus named after localities such as Hastchbourg, Sommerberg, etc.