The Ballons des Vosges Park is dedicated to promoting short tours as well as local produce and craftsmanship.

The Park Territory particularly its mountainous zone – is suited to small fruit culture and aromatic and medicinal plant picking. Producers combine skill and creativity in their use of ancestral craftsmanship to turn them into jams, syrups, dried plants to make herbal teas and many other specialties. Many producers and plant pickers have been awarded the Agriculture Biologique (Organic Farming) Label. On the Vosges side, the culture of Bluet des Vosges, cousin of the Wild Blueberry, was developed mostly for fresh selling. Producers open their farms for direct selling, but they are also present on markets, in farmshops, and in specialty stores. Thirty or so producers benefit from the “Bleu-Vert-Vosges” Label established by the Vosgian Mountain Economy Association,