The Ballons des Vosges Park is a living territory where Man understood very early on how to take advantage of water, wood, and subsoils to develop the industry and craftsmanship. It also inherits from an eventful historical background due to the World Wars.

Sixty-or-so museums, heritage sites (mills, hydraulic sawmills, mineshafts…), and interpretation centres led by local associations and players offer the opportunity to discover the Park’s heritage wealth. Many diverse themes are presented, including forest, agriculture, craftsmanship, industrial and technical heritages, arts, history, and lastly commemoration. In association with these players, the Park conducts projects to improve knowledge of this heritage, and experiment new ways of discovering it.


List of museums and heritage sites (in French only)

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Various networks are available to discover rural heritage, among which:
– La Fédération des Ecomusées and musées de société (FEMS) (Federation of Ecomuseums and Society Museums)
– Museum of Franche-Comté Techniques and Cultures
– Alsatian Museums Portal
– Franche-Comté Museums Portal