The Ballons des Vosges Regional Natural Park offers a large variety of natural environments. In itself, the forest covers two-thirds of territory. Still, the Park is rich with a multitude of other resources. High stubble (altitude meadows), peatlands, glacial cirques, rocky cliffs, rock slides, lakes and rivers intermingle harmoniously.

Traditional orchards composed of tall trees (with trunks reaching at least 1.80 meters) grow a large variety of local apples, a few damsons and cherries.

They can be found on foothills with favourable weather conditions. Plentiful around Fougerolles and at the foot of the Franche-Comté Ballons, they provide original natural environments on village outskirts and benefit local economy when the fruit can be processed. Fruit trees can be found higher up the mountain. They used to provide food for farmers and their families, and also for livestock. On an ecological level, traditional orchards associated to fertilizer-free mowed meadows shelter a very diverse flora. With their many fruit tree varieties, high-stem orchards are sanctuaries for a certain number of wild animal species. They find shelter in the trees, roots, barks, leaves, and fruits. Many birds find food all year long there: bats, garden dormice, hoopoe, wrynecks or the extremely rare little owls search for nooks and cavities to settle their nests or for shelter. Along with the gardens, they play a role in landscape diversification – for example, on winegrowing foothills.