Go barefoot to appreciate the ground beneath your feet and enjoy a rare freedom in our modern lifestyles… walking barefoot means changing pace, choosing simplicity, in symbiosis with nature to awaken your senses! To try out alone, with friends or family.

The Barefoot Trail in the La Bresse Adventure Park

sentier pied nusThis barefoot trail runs through the Adventure Park and along peaceful undergrowth to appreciate nature from a new angle: by rivers, between trees, on soils adapted for total safety, over a 35-meter long hanging bridge. This is a great opportunity to rediscover undergrowth species: barks, clays, stones, rocks, pine needles, mud…

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The Lac Blanc Barefoot Trail, in Orbey

sentier pied nus kaysersbergWalk barefoot across 1.2 km of natural ground in the surrounding forest, over sand, gravel, stones, slabs, wood, bark, fir cones etc. Many fun, sensorial, and educational workshops punctuate the trail: skills and nature discovery games. It runs alongside the Lac Blanc Adventure Park.

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The Six Senses Barefoot Trail in the Wesserling Park

parc de wesserlingIn the Wesserling Park, next to 5 sumptuous gardens – listed “Remarkable Gardens”, the Barefoot Trail crosses various textile and plant texture pools to rediscover the feel of garden and textile materials: linen, hemp, buckwheat hulls, clay and also steam… enjoy clay softness, bark prickle or again moraine coolness!

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