The Alsatian Wine Road winding through the Vosges Mountains, and the Crest Road along its backbone, are the most famous itineraries in the Southern Vosges Mountains.

The Wine Road of Alsace

vignoble EguisheimThe Wine Road begins in the Bas-Rhin. It winds along the Vosges Mountains foothills over approx. 100 km, from Saint-Hippolyte to Thann. Serpentine and charming, the Wine Road unveils the identity of the Alsatian vineyard. It also offers other attractive features: visits of cellars, wine tastings, harvest shows…

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The Crest Road

Activites_pleine_nature_cyclotourisme_2_benoit_FacchiStrategically developed during the 1914-1918 War, the Crest Road runs West of the battle line – it used to ensure communication between troups as well as supply transportation. It offers many vantage points on the Alsatian and Lorraine sides of the Vosges Mountains. Approx. 80 km long, it connects the Col des Bagenelles, above Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, with Cernay.

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The Cheese Road

ferme auberge grand ballon

In the Petit Ballon Massif until the Crest Road, the Cheese Road connect the Munster Valley Farmhouse-inns, where one can enjoy Munster cheese and other specialties: pies, Roïgebrageldi, Siesskas, Barikas…

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The Green Road

WesthaltenThe Green Road is a cultural and gourmet route, connecting fifteen towns located on both sides of the Rhine River, across 205 km, from the Black Forest to the Vosges Mountains and across the Alsace Region. Ten steps are proposed along the route in France, crossing the Rhine towards Vieux-Brisach, Fribourg-en-Brisgau and then through the Black Forest. It is named after the pine trees edging the road. (In German: Grüne Straße)
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The Chalot Road

chalot_ecomuseeMeet artisans and producers along the Chalot Road, between the Vosges and Haute-Saône. The chalot – premises adjacent to farms in Meridional and Saônoises Vosges – was used as granary. Farmers, artisans, restaurant owners, and distillers regroup within the Tourist Chalot Road Association and welcome visitors along a 120 km route lined with heritage sites.

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The Mille Etangs Road

plateau-mille-etangsAcross 60 km, at the heart of the Vosges Saônoises, the Mille Etangs Road crosses forests, moors, pasture lands, villages. Several stopovers invite you to discover mills, ponds, and vantage points – glacier-shaped landscapes are breathtaking. Beacons punctuate this route from Melisey.

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