Landscape diversity in the Park is ideal for many environment-friendly outdoors activities.

Well after the first Vosgian forest clearers, doctors and physicians ventured on the Hautes-Vosges to collect plants. For the first time and as early as the sixteenth century, their writings pinpointed plants with prestigious and emblematic names: the Prairie Smoke and the Pyrenean Dandelion. But it was in the nineteenth century that the Hautes-Vosges earned their flora fame, thanks to publications by Jean Baptiste MOUGEOT and Frédéric KIRSCHLEGER. Since then, ecologists, students, naturalists, hikers and nature lovers have been visiting the mountains and the valleys and playing a role in biodiversity awareness for generations to come. Diverse nature discovery structures invite you to discover and rediscover the Southern Vosges Mountains natural and cultural heritage. They propose training programmes, outings and educational activities.

Five professional structures regrouping Vosges Mountain Guides are labelled “Accueil du Parc” (Park Hospitality). They propose leisure and discovery activities and offer the best possible hospitality to visitors seeking immersion into a natural environment.