Landscape diversity in the Park is ideal for many environment-friendly outdoors activities.

Other structures also propose many thematic hikes:

Club vosgien

ClubVosgien-petit copieSince the creation of the “Club Vosgien” in 1872, and the “comité des promenades de Gérardmer” (Gérardmer Walking Committee) in 1875, pedestrian hiking has developed strong roots in the Vosges Mountains. The Vosges Mountains comprise more than 18,000 km of trails, marked and maintained by “Club Vosgien” volunteers. The Club publishes maps and guides, organises guided outings, builds shelters and footbridges, manages refuges etc. Whether on short or long distance trails, hikers can count on comforting halts: self-catering cottages, refuges, guesthouses, inns, hotels, as well as the Farmhouse-Inns network.

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French “Club Alpin” (Alpine Club)

French Alpine Clubs propose mountain sports activities in nature. From discovery to mastery, the clubs guide everyone along every activity. The “Fédération française des clubs alpins et de montagne” (French Alpine Club and Mountain Federation) proposes all kinds of sports activities – mountaineering, hiking, climbing, snowshoe hiking, air sports, mountain skiing, mountain biking, canyoneering, speleology, etc. – in exceptional settings. It also endeavours to promote mountain knowledge and protection. It takes part in the sustainable development of high valleys, with 125 refuges and mountain chalets. It plays a key role in mountainous environment.

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Fédération française des clubs alpins et de montagne

Many nature associations, tourist offices, and communes also propose guided hikes and outings.
Don’t hesitate to contact them.