Landscape diversity in the Park is ideal for many environment-friendly outdoors activities.

The “Trail” is a long distance run in a natural environment, usually along dirt roads and hiking tracks across plain, forest or mountain settings.

Mountain “Trails”

Especially in medium mountains – are much prized by aficionados. Mountainous grounds offer significant landscape drops along the entire path of a run. But mountains also provide straight downhill and uphill tracks – particularly trying physically. Pedestrian itineraries are usually at a distance from roads and urban areas.

The “Trail Station” of Gérardmer

For every “trail” enthusiast seeking the best itineraries, the “Trail Station” of Gérardmer welcomes you for a day, a week-end, or a week. The Station includes a dozen “hike-trail” itineraries for all levels, workshops at the “Trail” Stadium – with a vertical kilometre, consistent markings in compliance with the “Trail Station” Charter, and a reception and information area.

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