Trail Running is a long-distance run in a natural environment setting, usually along dirt roads and hiking trails through plains, forests, and mountains. Numerous events are held in the region that allow both local and visiting cyclists to explore new running trails.

The “Trail” is a long distance run in a natural environment, usually along dirt roads and hiking tracks across plain, forest or mountain settings.

Mountain “Trails”

Especially in medium mountains – are much prized by aficionados. Mountainous grounds offer significant landscape drops along the entire path of a run. But mountains also provide straight downhill and uphill tracks – particularly trying physically. Pedestrian itineraries are usually at a distance from roads and urban areas.

The “Trail Station” of Gérardmer

The Gérardmer Trail Running Station welcomes all trail running enthusiasts, whether beginners or experienced, looking for the best running trails for a day, a weekend, or a full week.

La Bresse by Trail

Trail routes are also available on the Vosges side of the Ballon. Eight routes, from 5 to 17 km, depart from the tourist office, the Domaine des Haut des Bluches, and the skiing area. 
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‘Valeurs Parc’ certified Mountain Guides specialised in trail outings