The ‘Valeurs Parc Naturel Régional’ national brand is awarded to businesses that comply with a detailed set of requirements and share three core values with the Park: a strong connection to the local area, a commitment to environmental preservation, and an emphasis on human values. It promotes the activities and products of nearly a hundred companies within the Ballons des Vosges Regional Natural Park that produce and process local products, use local resources in crafts and industry, and offer a diverse range of tourist services.

Together, we are committed to respecting nature, fostering human development, and supporting the local economy.

Our values are your values

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Local Products

Emblematic of the Park’s territory, the eco-friendly agricultural products include plant production, soil-grown fruits and vegetables, sustainable livestock rearing, venison products, and beverages. These products are available directly from the producers’ stores or at local markets.

Crafts and Industry

Experience the sustainable utilisation of wood, particularly spruce, from responsibly managed forests, transformed into timber, frames, cladding, and wooden artifacts. Marvel at the local Vosges gray-blue granite, enhancing streets, public spaces, monuments, and more. Delight in farmer-made cosmetics, rich with milk and other local raw materials.

Accommodation and Catering

Stay and dine in environmentally respectful tourist establishments that cherish and elevate the Park’s natural and local resources. Nestled close to nature, these accommodations, varying in size, offer a privileged gateway to the Park’s natural and cultural splendours.

Leisure and Discovery Activities

Explore the Park’s secrets with mountain guides trained to respect the tranquillity of nature. Enjoy hiking, mountain biking, trail running, Nordic walking, forest therapy, and snowshoeing.

Discover the territory’s richness and modernity through guided tours and cultural exhibitions hosted by the local museums and visitation sites.

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‘Valeurs Parc’ is a national trademark created by the Regional Natural Parks and coordinated by the ‘Fédération des Parcs naturels régionaux de France’.

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