Created in 1989 at the initiative of the Lorraine and Franche-Comté Regions, the Ballon des Vosges Regional Natural Park regroups 192 communes across four departments: Vosges, Haut-Rhin, Territory of Belfort and Haute-Saône.

A highly popular natural and peaceful setting where tourism and heritage preservation must coexist.


The Hautes-Vosges count 116 communities, 200,000 forest hectares (2/3 of the Park), and high stubble (altitude meadows). They also shelter the most sensitive environments, remarkable – and often endangered – fauna and flora, and offer breathtaking landscapes. As a result, tourists flock to the area.

In both summer and winter, the Hautes-Vosges offer a “breathing space” for inhabitants of the Great East and neighbouring countries – the main issue being how to combine area and landscape preservation (nature, agriculture, woods) with genuine hospitality and longstanding traditional activities. Indeed, excessive traffic – especially motorized – could prove harmful to the Hautes-Vosges peace. In addition, an over-developed tourist attraction could result in a lack of interest.



Franck Bézannier
Chargé de mission activités de pleine nature, mobilité, Hautes-Vosges (Nature Activities, Mobility, Hautes-Vosges)
Coordinateur de secteur (Area Coordinator)
+33 (0) 389 779 032